Ride insurance

All Yandex.Taxi rides requested in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia after 12:00 a.m. October 1, 2020 (local time) are insured for €10,000.

How ride insurance works

Driver and rider insurance is valid from when the driver taps Start and ends when they finish the ride (taps Finish). If the user cancels their ride, the insurance is no longer valid.

Insurance also applies when a passenger approaches the vehicle and exits it at their destination, including all intermediate stops during the trip, but no further than within a radius of 1 m around the vehicle.

Insurance coverage

Injury and death are covered. Any rider or driver injured as a result of a traffic accident is entitled to compensation.
  • For injuries: up to €5,000 depending on injury severity.*
  • For disabilities: up to €10,000 depending on the disability category.*
  • For death: €10,000 paid to next of kin.

The total of all insurance settlement payments for one insurance event cannot exceed €10,000 for one insured party.

Insurance price

Insurance is free for riders and drivers.

How to activate insurance

You don't need to activate anything. All Yandex.Taxi rides in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are insured automatically.

In what event compensation is paid

If during a Yandex.Taxi ride the user is injured in a traffic accident, they are entitled to compensation. It doesn't matter who requested the ride — everyone inside the vehicle is insured. The number of insured passengers cannot exceed the number of passenger seats (maximum number: 7 seats).

In what event is compensation not paid?

If the rider and driver are on a ride that was not requested through the app or official Yandex.Taxi site, insurance does not apply. Support cannot track rides outside our system, so even if the ride technically occurred, but the rider canceled it in the app or on the site, compensation will not be paid.

What to do at the scene of an accident

  1. Call 112 and report what happened.
  2. Wait for the traffic police and emergency services to arrive.
  3. Ask an officer when and where the accident will be officially investigated.
  4. Ask an officer for a copy of the accident report listing you as a victim.

When to leave the scene of an accident

We recommend waiting for the traffic police to arrive so you can receive the documents required to file an insurance claim. If you were seriously injured and evacuated in an ambulance, the hospital is obligated to inform the traffic police you were transported from the scene. This information will be included in your case, and the traffic police report will list you as a victim. This report is always compiled based on the accident investigation results. The insurer may pay compensation based on the investigation results.

How to apply for compensation

  1. Go to the emergency room or a hospital to obtain verification that you were injured.
  2. Take part in the accident investigation and obtain an official judgment on the administrative infraction.
  3. Register your claim online or email the insurance company at payments@bunda.eu.
  4. The insurance company will contact you and provide a list of documents required to receive compensation.
  5. Within 30 days after receiving all required documents, the insurance company will make a decision on your insurance event and transfer money to your bank account.

Required documents to apply for compensation

The insurance company will provide you with the full list of required documents depending on the type of accident and injury severity. In most cases, compensation requires:
  • A copy of your ID
  • A completed personal statement regarding the accident
  • Consent to process your personal data
  • The relevant extract from your medical history or medical record
  • The accident report listing you as a victim

Can the insurance company require additional documents?

In some cases, the insurance company may ask you to:
  • Submit additional documents to clarify the circumstances surrounding the accident.
  • Submit original copies of required documents.
  • Undergo additional medical examinations to confirm the extent of your injuries and the circumstances surrounding them.
  • Provide other documents to establish the occurrence, causes, circumstances and consequences of the insurance event, as well as the amount of the insurance payout.

What happens if I requested the ride for someone else and they got in an accident

They are entitled to compensation. The insurance covers all passengers in the vehicle during the ride. The number of insured passengers cannot exceed the number of passenger seats (maximum number: 7 seats).

Will the driver receive compensation if they are at fault for the accident?

Yes. The insurance company will determine the amount of compensation owed. However, there are some exceptions. Please see below.

Cases in which a driver will not be compensated

A driver will not receive compensation if they grossly violated traffic regulations (for example, ran a red light, drifted into the lane of oncoming traffic, fled the scene of the accident, drove the vehicle without a license or under the influence of alcohol or drugs). More details can be found in the insurance company rules.

These instructions are not a public offer. Please contact Support if you have any unanswered questions about the insurance program.